Cleft Rail Fencing using Rectangular Posts

This traditional Post and Rail has 100x125mm treated softwood posts morticed for either 2 or 3 rails. The rails are cleft Chestnut, giving an atractive rustic fence.

Cleft Chestnut Post and Rail

An alternative to ‘cleft rail fencing using rectangular posts’ but using cleft Chestnut posts which again come morticed for 2 or 3 rails.

Morticed Post and Rail Fencing

Attractive post and rail fencing consisting of morticed posts and 38 x 87mm rails with prick posts in the centre of the bays for extra support.

Post and Rail Fencing

This gives the same fence as ‘morticed post and rail fencing’ but using solid posts ( usually 75x125mm or 75x150mm ) with the rails secured to the face of the posts.

Knee Rail Fencing

Ideal for a simple but not intrusive boudary fence.

Willow Hurdle

Williow Hurdle available 180cm High, 90cm High and custom heights can be special ordered.

Hazel Hurdle

Hazel Hurdle available in 180cm, 150cm, 120cm, 90cm heights