Tudor Bench

Size 180cms

Swing Seat

D170cms x W210cms x H190cms

Seat W140cms

Standard A Frame Table

Table top 70 x 150cms

Overall size 150 x 150cms

Round Table & Bench

Table top diameter 116cms

Overall diameter 194cms

Patio Dining Set

Table W75cms x H75cms x L150cms

Bench W37cms x H50cms x L140cms

Oak Bench

Size 150cms

Garden Dining Set

Table W76cms x H75cms x L150cms

Bench 150cms

Carver 70cms

Elite Round Table & Bench Seat

Table top diameter 130cms

Overall diameter 210cms

Country Style Dining Set

Table W90cms x H70cms x L180cms

Bench 170cms

Chair 50cms

Carver Chair and Conversation Table

Carver 70cms, table 50 x 50cms.

Bench with Drinks Rest

Size 180cms. Drinks rest folds flat.


Sizes available 120cms, 150cms, 180cms.

A Frame Table

Size options:

Table top = 75 x 180cms Overall size 160 x 180cms

Table top = 70 x 150cms, Overall size 150 x 150cms

Table top = 72 x 180cms, Overall size 150 x 180cms

Table top = 72 x 140cms, Overall size 150 x 140cms