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ARCHIVE: Cleft Rail Fencing using Rectangular Posts

This traditional Post and Rail has 100x125mm treated softwood posts morticed for either 2 or 3 rails. The rails are cleft Chestnut, giving an atractive rustic fence.

ARCHIVE: Cleft Chestnut Post and Rail

An alternative to ‘cleft rail fencing using rectangular posts’ but using cleft Chestnut posts which again come morticed for 2 or 3 rails.

ARCHIVE: Five Bar Gates

A full range of five bar gates are available with sizes ranging from 12ft wide down to 3ft wide.  

ARCHIVE: Fence Posts

Available Sizes 1.5m 100x100mm 2.1m 150x150mm 2.4m 200x200mm 3.0m 100x100mm 1.8m 100x100mm 2.1m 150x75mm 2.4m 75x75mm 3.0m 125x100mm 1.8m 75x75mm 2.1m 175x175mm 2.7m 100x100mm 3.0m 125x125mm 2.1m 100x100mm 2.1m 75x75mm 2.7m 100x75mm 3.6m 100x100mm 2.1m 125x100mm 2.4m 100x100mm 2.7m 125x100mm 3.6m 150x150mm 2.1m 125x125mm 2.4m 100x75mm 2.7m 175x175mm   2.1m 125x75mm 2.4m 125x100mm 2.7m 75x75mm… Read more »


ARCHIVE: Artificial Grass

We can transform your front or back garden lawn into a beautiful area that can be used all year round. What’s more our synthetic lawns require very little maintenance once installed.

ARCHIVE: Chatsworth Artificial Grass

Our 35mm 080 artificial grass is extremely dense with superior turf fibres. 3 shades of fresh green blades combined with curled strands helps to create an artificial lawn with an award-winning garden look. Certified to BS 4790 & BS EN1177. Manufactured using a combination of polyethylene, polypropylene and are fully UV stabilised. Latex backing Child… Read more »

ARCHIVE: Highgrove Artificial Grass

Our 25mm 087 artificial grass has the shortest pile height out of all of our grasses. It has natural green colour along with a natural thatch provides a healthy, recently mowed and maintained garden.

ARCHIVE: Longleat Artificial Grass

Our 40mm 082 artificial grass combines luxury and affordability. The length of the tri-coloured super soft yarn incorporates none abrasive grass blades which provides the ultimate texture.  

ARCHIVE: Q-Deck Timber Decking

Bell Davis Fencing Supplies Sussex stocks Q-Deck timber deck boards, joists and accessories for any decking project. Click here to view the full range of Q-Deck Products

ARCHIVE: Tudor Bench

Size 180cms

ARCHIVE: Swing Seat

D170cms x W210cms x H190cms Seat W140cms

ARCHIVE: Standard A Frame Table

Table top 70 x 150cms Overall size 150 x 150cms

ARCHIVE: Round Table & Bench

Table top diameter 116cms Overall diameter 194cms

ARCHIVE: Patio Dining Set

Table W75cms x H75cms x L150cms Bench W37cms x H50cms x L140cms

ARCHIVE: Oak Bench

Size 150cms

ARCHIVE: Garden Dining Set

Table W76cms x H75cms x L150cms Bench 150cms Carver 70cms

ARCHIVE: Country Style Dining Set

Table W90cms x H70cms x L180cms Bench 170cms Chair 50cms


Sizes available 120cms, 150cms, 180cms.

ARCHIVE: A Frame Table

Size options: Table top = 75 x 180cms Overall size 160 x 180cms Table top = 70 x 150cms, Overall size 150 x 150cms Table top = 72 x 180cms, Overall size 150 x 180cms Table top = 72 x 140cms, Overall size 150 x 140cms

ARCHIVE: Arbours

An arbour is an ideal decorative structure for any size of garden.


An arch is an ideal decorative structure for any size of garden.

ARCHIVE: Closeboard Gate

Popular framed, ledged and braced gate with capping, made to match closeboard fencing. Sizes kept in stock are 1750x1200mm, 1750x1000mm, 1750x900mm, 1750x750mm 1450x900mm and 1150x900mm. Any other sizes can be made to order in our workshop.    

ARCHIVE: Tongue and Groove Gate

An attractive gate constructed using prepared and treated V joint matchboard, kept in stock in 1750x900mm. Any other sizes can be made to order in our workshop.  

ARCHIVE: Kentwell Gate

All our Clinton gates are made using the finest quality kiln-dried softwood, have the minimum number of knots or defects, and are pressure treated as standard for durability.

ARCHIVE: Morticed Post and Rail Fencing

Attractive post and rail fencing consisting of morticed posts and 38 x 87mm rails with prick posts in the centre of the bays for extra support.

ARCHIVE: Post and Rail Fencing

This gives the same fence as ‘morticed post and rail fencing’ but using solid posts ( usually 75x125mm or 75x150mm ) with the rails secured to the face of the posts.

ARCHIVE: Knee Rail Fencing

Ideal for a simple but not intrusive boudary fence.

ARCHIVE: Willow Hurdle

Williow Hurdle available 180cm High, 90cm High and custom heights can be special ordered.

ARCHIVE: Omega Lattice Top

Available in 1800x1800mm, 1800x1500mm, 1800x1200mm and 1800x900mm.

ARCHIVE: Arched Lattice Top

Available in 1800x1800mm.  

ARCHIVE: V Arched Window

Available in 1800x1800mm.

ARCHIVE: Shed & Fence Wood Treatment

Shed & Fence Wood Treatment is a cost-effective waterproof wood stain that is long lasting and enhances the natural beauty of wood. Can be applied to planed (finished) as well as rough sawn timber.

ARCHIVE: Wood Protector

A multi-purpose wood stain and protector that coats and protects the whole garden. Wood Protector is a high quality coating that weatherproofs and protects all varieties of outdoor surfaces.

ARCHIVE: Railway Sleepers

Our versatile railway sleepers come in treated softwood. Sizes available: 100mm x 200mm and 125mm x 250mm section.

ARCHIVE: Pergolas

A pergola is an ideal decorative structure for any size of garden. The single pergola can separate patio or decking areas from the rest of the garden space.

ARCHIVE: Smartboard Battleship Grey Wood Plastic Composite Decking 20 x 138mm

A reversible deckboard with a matt, brushed, modern looking finish, The Smartboard composite deckboard is an obvious choice for people looking for a long lasting low maintenance deck. Made specifically to emulate softwood decking, it fits in a very similar way, giving ease of use for landscapers and DIY enthusiasts alike. It comes with a… Read more »

ARCHIVE: Euston Gate

Rounded top Palisade gate in 1750x900mm  

ARCHIVE: Wingfield Gate

All our Clinton gates are made using the finest quality kiln-dried softwood, have the minimum number of knots or defects, and are pressure treated as standard for durability.

ARCHIVE: Somerleyton Gate

The same style as the Wingfield but with a straight top rail. Also kept in 850x900mm

ARCHIVE: Helmingham Gate

A palisade gate ideal for use with picket fencing kept in stock in both round and pointed top palisades in 850x900mm  


Available in 1800x1800mm, 1800x1500mm, 1800x1200mm and 1800x900mm.

ARCHIVE: Hazel Hurdle

Hazel Hurdle available in 180cm, 150cm, 120cm, 90cm heights

ARCHIVE: Square Horizontal

Available in 1800x1800mm, 1800x1500mm, 1800x1200mm and 1800x900mm.

ARCHIVE: Horizontal Lattice Top

Available in 1800x1800mm, 1800x1500mm and 1800x1200mm.  

ARCHIVE: Elite Slatted Top

Available in 1800x1800mm.  

ARCHIVE: Venetian

Available in 1800x1800mm and 1800x900mm.  

ARCHIVE: Double Sided Paling

Available in 1800x1800mm, 1800x1500mm and 1800x1200mm.

ARCHIVE: Trellis

  We keep in stock 6’x6′, 6’x4′, 6’x3′, 6’x2′, and 6’x1′ we can however make special sizes to suit your requirements in our onsite workshop.  

ARCHIVE: Lap Fence Panels

Our range of fencing panels includes the popular lap fence panel. They are fully framed on both sides, heavy duty, with capping attached but still competitively priced for what is a premium product. They are available in “pressure treated” and “dipped brown”, both built to the same high specification. Panels can also be used with slotted… Read more »

ARCHIVE: Closeboard Fence Panels

We also keep a range of closeboard fence panels, which are fully framed and come complete with capping attached. These are also available in “pressure treated” and “dipped brown”.  The panels are shown here on 100x100mm posts and have timber gravel boards which are optional. Panels can also be used with slotted concrete posts and concrete… Read more »

ARCHIVE: Closeboard Fencing

Everything you need for a professional fencing job, including posts, arris rails, gravel boards and featheredge. Arris rails can be supplied plain ended or scarf-ended, ready for morticed posts.

ARCHIVE: Timber Fence Posts

We stock kiln dried, HC4 posts with 15 year Warranty. Posts can be morticed and topped in our workshop to suit your fence height. Fence post tops are available (round, half-back weather or two-way). The most commonly used timber posts for close board fencing are 100x100mm or 100x125mm. We keep a wide range of lengths of both… Read more »

ARCHIVE: Concrete Fence Posts

Smooth-finished, morticed concrete fence posts and gravel boards. Available from stock in round top or pyramid top for a range of fence heights. These can be used with either concrete or timber gravel boards, with all the fittings you need available in our shop.

ARCHIVE: Closeboard Gates

Our closeboard gates are made with quality kiln-dried timber framing and featherdege, framed, ledged and braced with rebated stiles including top rail and capping. Standard pedestrian gates for 1.8m high fence in stock – other sizes to order.