Closeboard Fencing and Fence Posts

We keep a large range of quality components for closeboard fencing, including featheredge boards, timber fence posts and concrete fence posts, gravel boards and fittings for fences of any height.

Closeboard Fencing

Closeboard Fencing PanelsEverything you need for a professional fencing job, including featheredge boards, arris rails, gravel boards and posts. Arris rails can be supplied plain ended or scarf-ended, ready for morticed posts.

Timber Fence Posts

Kiln-dried wood fence posts with 15 year warranty We stock kiln dried, HC4 posts with 15 year Warranty. Fence posts are morticed to order.

Fence post tops are available (round, half-back weather or two-way).

Concrete Fence Posts

Closeboard fencing with concrete postsSmooth-finished, morticed concrete fence posts and gravel boards.


TrellisWe stock a wide range of trellis in a avriety fo sizes for finishing closeboard fencing.

Closeboard Gates

image hereOur closeboard gates are made with quality kiln-dried timber framing and featherdege, framed, ledged and braced with rebated stiles including top rail and capping.

Standard pedestrian gates for 1.8m high fence in stock - other sizes to order.